We Make It Up As We Go Along

Life… we make it up as we go along. We laugh, we cry, we fall, we rise. Sometimes we trust too much and other times too little. Sometimes we let the wrong people in and the right people go. Our hearts are fragile, but we are strong. We make mistakes and we learn lessons and that’s really all we can do. Life has no road map. There’s no clear cut path to where we’re going. We just have to live it. So go ahead and fall in love, fall out of love, dream big, fight for what you believe in, make mistakes, take risks and learn to forgive yourself and others along the way.

Better Than That

You and me we had it all and each day it only got better. But one day you up and walked away because you thought there was something else out there. Now here you are standing right in front me just like the day you said goodbye. But this time, your down on your knees and you’re begging me to give this one more try.

How dare you think that I would ever settle for being somebody’s second best. Somebody’s I guess she’ll do for now or until the next one comes along.

I gave you the best that I had. I gave you the best of me and you can’t have that back. Sorry can’t replace the mess you made. I damn well deserve better than that.

It Happened On A Wednesday

It happened on a Wednesday. You walked in all dressed in black, your ball cap turned back and a smile my brown eyes couldn’t turn away from. You shook my hand and my heart danced. Little by little I began to fall, but this time I was careful not to give it all. I held guard on my heart, but slowly you turned the key.

Those walls, you broke them down and never could I have known that you wouldn’t stick around. The way you held me, the way your lips touched mine, it’s all a memory now.

I roll over in the middle of the night and lay my hand on an empty pillow case and when I close my eyes I wish I didn’t still see your face. It hurts so bad because I don’t know why. No rhyme. No reason. No goodbye. You just disappeared like the sun into the midnight sky.

Sometimes I stop and think of you and I wish in that moment you were thinking of me too, but my broken heart knows better. You and me, I so badly wanted it to be forever. But I was simply a pawn in a game you were playing while you were thinking you could still do better.

For the Love of Coffee

IMG_9439It’s seems only fitting that my first real post would be about the one thing I can’t live without…coffee!

I follow so many inspirational people on Instagram which is where I found my new saving grace for mornings I wake up way to late to pretend to have it all together. So, thank you @fitasgluck for introducing me to both Chameleon Coffee and Vital Proteins.

This week I started another round of Insanity Max 30 which means my mornings are now filled with forcing myself to roll out of bed, change, head down to the gym to workout and hurry back to shower before getting ready for work.

Here’s the cold hard truth. I am NOT a morning person. I will NEVER happily get out of bed before the sun comes up and even when my 6:30am alarm goes off more times than not I hit the snooze button. That means that by the time I’m actually ready to leave for work there’s no time to brew coffee. Which is why Chameleon Coffee has been a great replacement. This week I have the mocha flavor and I’ve been putting it in my Ninja blender to make a frappucino. It’s a 90 degree week here in Nashville so it’s the perfect time for it.


I’ve successfully made it through 4 days of Insanity Max 30. I can barely walk, sit or move for that matter and my mornings have been quite hectic with the smaller window of time I have, but I made a promise to myself and I will see it through.

Below is my quick and easy little concoction if you want to try a homemade protein packed frappucino after your next workout!

  • 4oz Chameleon Coffee (I’ve been using Mocha, but the Vanilla is good too! Haven’t tried the rest yet)
  • 6 oz almond milk
  • 1 cup ice
  • 1 scoop Vital Proteins
  • 1 scoop Quest Cinnamon Swirl protein powder

Love you a latte!